The José Joaquim Amaro e Filhos reflects today, over 50 years of family passion and dedication for the extraction and labor of Marble and Limestone.
The company
From the beginning

The José Joaquim Amaro e Filhos was born on the distant year of 1956, through the will, passion and commitment of José Joaquim Amaro. The passion for the extraction and labor of marble and limestone spread not only to his sons but also to a third generation of Amaros, who kept the business alive until nowadays. 

The José Joaquim Amaro e Filhos is a purely family business that capitalizes on proximity with every single costumer and on accuracy in every project to separate itself from other market players.

From its foundation, the company most commonly known as “Amaros”, has been expanding its business activities. With that in mind some specialist companies were acquired, that allow the José Joaquim Amaro e Filhos to render a much more complete work to its clients, without compromising the quality and accuracy of the work: CalSal.

The built experience and ability to work different material and perform exquisite finishing, turn the “Amaros” into a distinct company. The guaranteed quality in all works and the commitment to every detail only amaze those who don’t know our work.